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Period after Zoladex

Hi! I've received Zoladex shots for three years and had my last one in October. They put me in menopause since I didn't have kids when I was diagnosed - I was 33 years old at the time.

I don't know when will my period come back, is there anyone with a similar experience? :) I wonder what to expect now, didn't get any info from the doctors. :/


  • kcat2013
    kcat2013 Member Posts: 53

    I had Lupron shots (similar to Zoladex given for the same purpose) for 3 years and had my last shot in August. I'm 38 now, 34 when diagnosed. I haven't gotten my period back yet. My doctors really couldn't tell me anything useful other than my gynecologist told me that each dosage of Lupron that I received was "massive" compared to with the amount that she uses in women for infertility treatments and because of that it might take a long time for my ovaries to regain function and that between the Lupron and Chemo my ovaries may have been damaged enough that they might not resume normal function.

  • anchii
    anchii Member Posts: 3

    thanks @kcat2013! I heard the longer you get the shots the longer it takes for the periods to come back. That it can even take a year! On most sites they say it takes 12 weeks.

    since we were on ti longer I think will have to wait more. Good luck! :)

  • anchii
    anchii Member Posts: 3

    There is so little info on what happens after Zoladex, so I hope my story helps somebody. :) I've received my period on 21st of February - three years and three months since the last one. Last Zoladex shot was in October. The period was ok, no big pains or heavy bleeding, hope it stays that way! :))

  • kyliet
    kyliet Member Posts: 587

    Hi, glad to find this thread. I had Zoladex for 5 years with Arimidex. I finished about 6 months ago and my bloods came back as pre menopausal, but nearly menopausal. I am 50, was 44 at tx.

    My periods have returned like some kind of nightmare. Really heavy bleeding, irregular, long lasting and sometimes only a week break between periods. Horrendous breast and Ovarian pain and migraines (which stopped on Zoladex).

    Off for scans this week and next week, but docs don't seem worried.

  • AlacoqueS
    AlacoqueS Member Posts: 2

    I was 2 years on Zoladex and came off it in Oct 2017. I’m still on tamoxifen. My periods came back at the end of Jan. Had another period 40 days later and my last one was 43 days after that in April. I haven’t had one since. So now Im wondering if my ovaries are working properly at all?! I’m desperate for a baby too