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Lash boost?


Hi ladies this is my first post!

Had my first treatment of TC on November 28th! December 10th I started having lots of scalp pain and tenderness. December 16th, about two and half weeks after the first treatment, I couldnt take it anymore! The pain, the hair coming out in handfuls. Teary-eyed, my sister and I buzzed it.

I’m worried about losing my brows and lashes too. I’ve read a lot of posts about losing them AFTER chemo!! (just when we thought it was over!) Has anyone tried lash boost before/during/after chemo? What were your experiences?

You all are brave! I love this site and the strong, encouraging words I read here. You all give me hope!


  • OCDAmy
    OCDAmy Member Posts: 289
    edited January 2018

    Ask your MO before you use anything. I'm not sure any product will prevent the hair loss. I did start using Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields after chemo ended on both brows and lashes. I did lose most (not all) of my brows and lashes, with the majority going after chemo. They did grow back in quickly and my brows are thicker than before chemo. I also started taking biotin after chemo. I have baby lashes right now.

  • DiRomanos
    DiRomanos Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2018

    Sarah I am new on this site - I am currently going through the second three months of chemo and am on Paclitaxol for breast cancer. I have lost my hair -most of my eyebrows and my eyelashes are now very weak, short and less of them - and to top it all off I own a lash business and have done for the last 9 years!! I have been using a lash strengthener called FLASH. It has certainly helped strengthen what I have left but the regrowth side hasn’t happened as yet. My way of handling all this hair, brow and lash loss is to go with the flow and unfortunately go with the experience of the loss with the knowledge that it will grow back. Best of luck Sarah - give yourself time - fingers crossed our lashes will grow back stronger and longer than we had before.

  • NotVeryBrave
    NotVeryBrave Member Posts: 169
    edited January 2018

    I lost probably 85% of my hair with TCHP. All of the pubic hair and almost all arm and leg hairs. The hair on my head started growing back before chemo had even ended, but my eyebrows started leaving towards the end. They pretty much grew back as they left so that it mostly seemed like areas were missing or very thin for a time. The eyelashes left later and fairly quickly and took a long time to come back. All of my hair is back these days!

    I didn't take anything special, just a multivitamin. And the only product I used was Lash Discovery mascara that has a tiny brush to help with tiny new lashes.