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Sharp pain in left breast near nipple


Hi ladies!

I am getting really worried. I am 54 years old and almost 10 yrs out from cancer diagnosis. I still have periods although they are getting farther and farther apart and much lighter. A week ago I had a very itchy breast (it has been itchy off and on since rads). I itched it like crazy and the next day my nipple was very sore for the whole day. The itch went away and nipple for most part is better except that I get shooting pains periodically throughout the day near nipple.quite often actually. It’s starting to concern me. I have no dimpling or discharge, no flaky skin or rash. What could this be? Anyone have pain like this in breast that turned out not to be a cancer recurrence. I’m so worried it may be back. My period is 4 days late so I don’t know if this is s hormonal thing or what


  • KBeee
    KBeee Member Posts: 695
    edited January 2018

    I have; my BS says it is nerves regenerating. My skin is extremely dry and flaky post rads .. it is extra itchy this time of the year. I have to constantly use lotions or oils.

    That being said, if it continues, get it checked; new symptoms that persist always warrant attention

  • kdholt
    kdholt Member Posts: 40
    edited January 2018

    Thanks for the reply KBeee, do you think it’s possible to have nerve endings still regenerating 10 years out? Lord knows there have been lots of long term side effects of radsand continued changes to the breast no one ever warns you about. How long did you experience this? Days? Weeks?