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Painful Biopsy, Bent a Needle

ShyBlonde Member Posts: 1
edited February 2018 in Waiting for Test Results

I had my first biopsy experience yesterday on a large lump on my one breast which is hard, movable and causing me pain. I'm 24 and the doctor believes it is a fibroadenoma. I am currently awaiting the results of the biopsy.

My experience during the procedure was not ideal. I'm just wondering if any of this has occurred to anyone else and if it is supposed to happen during the procedure?

Here's what happened:

They had informed me (over the phone, booking the appointment) it would either be a core or FNA, they weren't sure which route they would go with yet. Upon arrival at the hospital they told me they would do a core biopsy. The nurse found the lump with the ultrasound, then the doctor came in and they marked it with a straw. After sterilizing the area they injected the lidocaine twice, one more superficially than the other. I felt both of those, of course. The doctor then told me the freezing should be fast acting and proceeded to make an incision. They made the incision on the outside side (closer to my arm) of my breast, the lump was at about 6 o'clock on my breast. I felt the scalpel cut my breast, it was not yet frozen. When they inserted the core needle I didn't feel that go in, but could definitely feel it poking around inside. The nurse had to apply pressure to the opposite side of the lump in an attempt to hold it still for the doctor. This hurt as that side did not receive any freezing and the lump was painful by itself without pressure, and more so with pressure being applied to it or near it. They were not able to get the corr needle into the mass stating that the tissue was too hard. They switched to a fine needle and tried with that. I did not feel this one enter, but could definitely feel it poking around and the nurse applied more pressure to my breast, much more than before. I felt each stab and one very pronounced one that may have been when they bent the needle. The needle was bent. I told the doctor that I felt that one quite a bit and all he said was "Did you?". I imagine the pain would have caused some women to make a noise, but I am very shy and quiet in nature and hardly ever make a sound in response to pain. This is also why I didn't really respond when he replied with two words. I was somewhat taken aback. They then took a shorter needle out to try with. I also felt this one poking around, and felt the final stab on this as well. They were able to retrieve a sample with this needle and then prepared slides to send to the lab.

Just curious if other core biopsies have failed due to the mass being too hard, and if others have experienced this amount (or any) pain during their experience?