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Apparent nipple discharge after lumpectomy?

Anpop Member Posts: 2

Before you say anything -- yes, I know this is a question for my doctor! I'm calling the office tomorrow to inform her of the issue and seek advice.

My left side lumpectomy and SNB was perfumed last Friday, March 30th. I have my post-op appointment on April 11th, and given all the typical post op instructions and have been following them well enough. My healing is great -- i'm not in a lot of pain and I'm back to work.

I still have all my surgical bandages on (and was told to keep them on and keep them dry until my post op visit) but I have noticed that in addition to the brown dried blood stains from the surgery, there is some new, pinkish-yellow discharge from what appears to be the nipple area. It's staining the bandage yellow/pink. I do not have a fever. No pain, other than occasional tingling and soreness in the breast.

Uh, anyone experience some nipple discharge days after their lumpectomy?


  • gb2115
    gb2115 Member Posts: 547
    edited April 2018

    Didn't have that, but I did have clear discharge part way through radiation. The doctor said it was seroma liquid finally coming out. If your surgical cavity is near a duct, you could just have leftover junk coming out, maybe? Let us know what they say after you call!!

  • mustlovepoodles
    mustlovepoodles Member Posts: 1,248
    edited April 2018

    It sounds like serous fluid from your LX escaping through the milk ducts in the nipple. You may have a small collection of this fluid in there, called a seroma. Let your surgeon know about it. Seromas don't cause cancer and they don't usually require treatment. They are very common after breast surgery.

  • Anpop
    Anpop Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2018


    Contacted the Dr's office. They instructed me to remove the dressing and check the area, and take a picture and send to them via the secure patient portal. After looking at the photo of the incision sites, they said the healing looks great, doesn't show any signs of infection. Continue to monitor and they'll see me in my post op appt next week.