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Subaereolar abscess and mastitis periductal.

Janetcs15 Member Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in Benign Breast Conditions


I would like to share experiences with other women who have suffered from abscesses in the breast or from periductal mastitis.

My story began five years ago, when I noticed a lump in my areola. I immediately made an appointment with the mastologist, a biopsy was done and it turned out to be an abscess.

In these years the lump came and went by itself (the doctor explained that this could happen), but two months ago, in a new appearance of the abscess (in another part of the aerola) the breast became red, swollen and inflamed, as well as feeling a pain unbearable. Again biopsy resulting in chronic inflammation without malignant changes.

The surgeon does not offer me any alternative and at this point I think I will have to keep on fighting with this constantly.

This last occasion was very frustrating. Google drove me crazy with the idea of having IBC, and even after the biopsy I'm still worried because my symptoms have not completely disappeared after two months.

Yesterday, I went again to the surgeon who only told me that she would see me in 6 months for follow-up. someone else suffering from this condition? tips?