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I have a friend who takes CBD Oil and swears it helps with all her side effects. Not completely gone but she states she would not ever stop taking it even after therapy completed. I talked with her about my side effects and she highly recommends it. But I remain hesitant. Does anyone’s Use This and any benefits


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    Hi Tkane,

    Besides de personal experiences from other members here, there's an article in our Research News section that may be of interest if you are considering using medical marijuana:

    Despite Feeling Unequipped, Many Oncologists Recommend Medical Marijuana for Patients

    The research was published online on May 10, 2018 by the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

    Hope this helps!

    The Mods

  • barbe1958
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    I've been on CBD for just over a year now and swear by it as well. When I can't afford the $210 a month, I have to go back on narcotics (my drug plan will cover those!) and I'm in agony.

    Besides the bone pain, I also have Fibromyalgia which CBD is helping with. I use the oil under my tongue and have just started vaping to get the drug into my system faster.

    Go for i!

  • Kiki13
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    I use CBD oil to alleviate my two main SEs from letrozole: achy joints and insomnia. I rub a CBD balm on my hands, feet, and knees. The pain is greatly reduced. And I have CBD gummies that I take at night, as needed, to help me sleep.

    I also take turmeric and glucosamine chondroitin for joint pain, and valerian as needed for sleep. For me at least, these plus the CBD products have me feeling much better. I'm a believer in the benefits.

  • Tkane10
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    What dose do you find effective. I am also not sure where to get it from since they say there is a difference. I am suppose to go back to work in the ER which are 12 hour shifts and i just can’t imagine how I am going to do it feeling the way I do now

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    Tkane, I buy CBD products at my local health food store, where I get my vitamins and supplements. If you have a reputable health food store or natural pharmacy, or holistic wellness center near you, they could probably advise you on products and dosages. You're right, there's a lot of different stuff out there. Good luck with finding something that will work for you - K.