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Broken capillaries on breast still there 3 months after PBMX

borogirl Member Posts: 30

I had PBMX on 11/12/18, nipple sparing with TEs put in, and about 11 days after surgery I noticed what I thought was just bruising appear on each breast. I asked PS about it at a fill appt and he said they are actually broken capillaries. I asked how long until they fade away, and he said they won’t. I’ve not heard anyone else mention having this. On left side it is about nipple high on outside so can’t see it in clothes but on right side there are three spots 2-3 inches above nipple that could be seen in certain swimsuits or clothes. Don’t want anyone to think DH has been beating me up, and obviously don’t like the look of it. Anyone else have this issue, and if so, what did you do about it or did it go away on its own? Having exchange surgery in 8 days