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Does Anastrozole cause gallbladder polyps?

lillyduff Member Posts: 26

I have been on Anastrozole for approximately four months. Yesterday, I had an ultrasound as a regular check follow up for a past liver adenoma that was removed which was benign. My Gastroenterologist likes to order abdominal ultrasounds to monitor the liver on a regular basis as well as liver blood tests-LFT and AFP just in case. I am grateful for the watchful eye.

The report mentions:

GALLBLADDER: No gallstones. Several polyps, largest measuring 2 mm. Gallbladder wall thickness 1 mm in size. No pericholecystic fluid. No sonographic Murphy's sign.

The rest of the report for pancreas, Aorta, IVC, Liver, Common Bile Duct, Kidneys, Spleen, Bladder were all normal.

My last cholesterol check was in 2017 and normal: Cholesterol 165; HDL 77; LDL 76; Chol/HDL Ratio 2.1; Triglycerides 58

This was before my BC diagnosis, though. I did not get a new cholesterol check last year.

Just wondering if there is a connection between Anastrozole and gallbladder polyps? I'm worried also if the polyps could be a recurrence of cancer? How common or uncommon are gallbladder polyps?

Really worried now and not opposed to getting the gallbladder removed. (What is it like to have a gallbladder removed? How is the lifestyle change? If it's not that big of a change, I may consider just removing it to get peace of mind. Too much other BC stuff to worry about.)

Thanks in advance.