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Scared - Numbness and Elarged Vein

daisy213 Member Posts: 2

I can't stop shaking.  I am so scared.  In January I noticed a large section of my right breast felt different - completely numb with tingling on the out edge of the area.  Over the past month I have noticed two veins leading to the numb area have become more prominent.  I had a mammogram in January and am now waiting for my MRI (scheduled for Monday).  Has anyone had similar symptoms? Can numbness be a sign of cancer?  I have a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family.  Any suggestions on how to cope with the waiting for test results?  I have been waiting for a month to have my MRI.  My primary care doctor keeps saying there is no reason to be concerned because my mammogram was normal.  The only reason why my doctor agreed to order an MRI is because I have extremely dense breasts and a > 20% risk for breast cancer.


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    Dear daisy213,

    We are so sorry that you find yourself here with such worry. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to get to the bottom of your numbness and tingling. Waiting for test results and answers to symptoms can be one of the most stressful aspects of following up on any health care concern. Most of our members will say to try to distract yourself from the negative thoughts that often take over during times of stress. It might be good idea to stay away from Google. Sometimes researching breast symptoms and changes on the internet can lead to more worry and confusion. We know that this is easier said than done. We hope that others will offer some support as well but please keep us posed on what you learn.

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  • daisy213
    daisy213 Member Posts: 2
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    Good news my MRI results came back normal.  I have one more question.  I have a few areas where the texture and color of the skin has changed (skin has become thickened).  These areas are growing and they are the end points for my protruding veins.  Given that both my mammogram and MRI results can back normal, would you recommend I seek a second opinion.  Or should I take comfort in my test results and assume that if there were any issues they would have been detected?