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Normal to wear ace bandage for 13 days after Mastectomy?

HereToHelpMyMom Member Posts: 2

My mom had a mastectomy on her right side last week. The Dr said to wear a big ace bandage wrapped around her chest until her post-op 13 days later.

Everything I read says she can wear a special bra that zips up the front Is there a chance we misunderstood?

Anyone else told to wear a big wrapped ace bandage until post-op appt?

Remarkeable, she had little pain but the bandage is irritating her.


  • MDRR
    MDRR Member Posts: 63
    edited May 2019


    I wore an ace bandage for about 4 weeks, mainly because they wanted a little more compression than I got from a bra. I found the wide ace bandages much more comfortable than the more narrow bandages. I didn't have an easy time finding them at the pharmacy, but was able to get them on Amazon. Good luck to your mom!

  • meeko1452
    meeko1452 Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2019

    You might check with your doctor and see if there is a compression bra that they would recommend instead of of the ace bandage so she could trade off (insurance may cover the bra). My surgeon prescribed the Patricia bra by Amoena and the Hugger Bra by Prairie Wear. When one of them starts to irritate me, it is nice to have a different bra I can put on. If her doctor wants an ace instead of a bra, maybe alternating between a couple of slightly different widths of ace bandages would help a bit. Still, I have to admit that I have gone braless for a few hours here and there just to keep myself sane. Good luck--I am counting the days until I can stop doing the 24/7 compression.

  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363
    edited May 2019

    I just wore the camisole I never had an ace bandage.

  • HereToHelpMyMom
    HereToHelpMyMom Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2019

    Thanks all. It really varies between doctors! You'd think there would be a standard.

  • beaverntx
    beaverntx Member Posts: 2,962
    edited May 2019

    Ah, heretohelp, but people aren't standard!😊 Variations are not unusual. My husband and I had the same eye surgery but done by different doctors and our post surgery care was similar only in that we both had to use eye drops. I had essentially no limitations and he has to wear an eye shield to bed as just one example... Hugs to you for caring for and about your mom and to get as she heals.