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  • martaj
    martaj Member Posts: 307
    edited February 2020

    Kkukowski, I had partial mastectomy with breast reconstruction and lymph node removal on Feb. 13. Doing extremely well, except developed a seroma in armpit from lymph node removal. Have had it drained several times. That is the only thing that hurts because I can't put my arm by my side. Good thing is all margins were neg for cancer including nodes. sutured areas healing great, except for seroma I'm doing well. I see oncologist today to see what is next. I start radiation in 2 weeks, I was in clinical trial, unsure if we restart clinical trial drug will find out today along with is there any post chemo needed. I can't wait to get back to gym. My appetite has returned along with taste, put back on some of the 15 pounds I had lost. Gotta watch that. Can't wait to get back to gym hopefully soon, see plastic surgeon on Thursday and will find out. Thanks for asking. Beautiful day yesterday here in RI. Sunny, in mid 50's hope it stays like this for awhile. I got several walks in.

  • cynd724
    cynd724 Member Posts: 16
    edited May 2020

    Just checking in with everyone who went through the dose dense ACT treatment to see how you are feeling. After finishing chemo I went through 7 weeks of radiation. Im so glad to be done but I feel like I have arthritis now and I believe its a side effect from chemo. I have joint pain/stiffness in my knuckles and ankles and hips. It all started after chemo. I also have numbness in my fingers and the doctors tested me snd said I have carpel tunnel syndrome and its not chemo related. Finding that hard to believe.

  • Kkukowski
    Kkukowski Member Posts: 39
    edited May 2020

    Hi Cynd724, I finished 21 rads in Feb. started Anastrozole April 6. I also have some stiffness in fingers and feet now, worse in the evening. Been hard to get to sleep so now trying melatonin and my primary care doc started gabapentin for restless legs. Hair is growing back so curly now.