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Cryoablation - A better treatment option for some?

I've looked into Cryoablation extensively and am now interviewing doctors and medical facilities that offer this treatment. It appears insurance companies are staying far away from this for many reasons as it appears to be a much safer, shorter, long term solution that is much less expensive if that makes any sense. Interested in discussing findings with others to help many learn about alternative treatment options. Lots of dead ends on the internet in researching this topic.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,818

    imorris - if you could go to My Profile and post your diagnosis to date it would help us understand where you are.

  • BevJen
    BevJen Member Posts: 2,341


    I'm not sure that cryoablation is considered alternative treatment. It is a process done by interventional radiologists. Most of the big centers and teaching hospitals have an interventional radiology department. Cryoablation and microwave ablation are used now in breast cancer for things like liver mets (check on PubMed for articles about this.) For some background, though, I'd check into large hospital centers and look for their available interventional radiology departments.

  • Vidya99
    Vidya99 Member Posts: 10

    can cryoablation be done for a local recurrence tumor.

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,924

    One argument I've seen against cryoablation is that there's nothing left to run a detailed pathology on. Unless the biopsy sample was really comprehensive, no pathology means not knowing enough about the type of tumor to determine post-surgical (or in this case, post-blasted) treatments.

  • BevJen
    BevJen Member Posts: 2,341

    It is possible for an interventional radiologist to take a biopsy sample and then do the cryoablation at the same time. One person on BCO that I know of had that done, so a complete pathology could be done on the biopsy sample. This was with a liver tumor.

    Cryoablation or microwave ablation can be done on a single lesion or on several at the same time. The best place to find out information is to look at liver treatments at some of the larger cancer centers, and you will find some information. The best thing to do is to consult with an interventional radiologist to see what the possibilities are for your particular situation.

  • IslandGirl123
    IslandGirl123 Member Posts: 3

    I was successfully treated with Cryoablation and immunotherapy through the Williams Cancer Institute, Dr Jason Williams. My oncologist advised me not to go this route but my research and my discussion with Dr. Williams gave me confidence to proceed.

    My naturopath recently told me that she has 2 other patients that have also been successfully treated by Dr. Williams as well. He has been treating cancers with this method for over 15 years. He will not take you on if he does not believe there will be a positive outcome. I know this for fact because he would not treat my friend.

    You can do a needle biopsy after Cryoablation to determine pathology. You run the risk of releasing cancer cells when doing needle biopsies any other way. If you look on Pub Med you will see the risk of needle biopsies.

    Hope this helps

  • calfam04
    calfam04 Member Posts: 3


    I am having cryoablation done in two days with Dr. Holmes the head of the FROST trial. I refused to do any of what was proposed after my biopsy in January and I wish I had not done even that. I have used diet, supplements, and counseling while I researched alternative treatment. I am hoping this procedure, while very pricey outside of the trial, will take care of my cancer. I would love to hear from others who have had cryoablation.

    I have IDC and DCIS stage 1-2 HER2-

    I wish list after my procedure and let everyone know how it goes.


  • mysticalcity
    mysticalcity Member Posts: 184

    I had cryoablation done in June 2019 with Dr. Holmes off trial. I have had 2 follow-ups since then--6 month follow-up in January 2020 where I had mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy of cryoablated area. I just had my 2nd follow up (which was delayed due to pandemic) for just imaging. Right now I have no evidence of disease. Praise God. I went out to the imaging center that Dr. Holmes uses for my initial follow-up and my understanding from the radiologist there (who works with him a lot and sees many of his cryo patients) is that majority of his patients have done very well with no recurrence. I am beyond delighted with my results from cryo so far.

  • imorris
    imorris Member Posts: 4

    Really need to update my progress and success. THANKFULLY I researched and researched and learned way too much information about The Cancer Industry. After meeting with leading breast surgeons in NY - NJ area I was shocked and how they push Cut/Burn/Poison as the only option for us. Based on living with end stage emphysema, I refused surgery. I had cryoablation down 02/19/20 - 1 hour procedure, completely awake and it KILLED MY BREAST CANCER! Was rechecked few months ago and everything is just as it should be. I will have to have mammograms and ultrasounds every 6 months but what a blessing... to know we ALL have options. To my knowledge the FDA still has not approved this procedure and I'm sure it would cost the cancer industry billions of dollars. IMO! It is up to us to help educate others and SAVE LIVES! Chemo can kill. The best decision I've ever made in my life. Prayers for you all.

  • Beclyn20
    Beclyn20 Member Posts: 18

    I am so happy there are different choices out there. I had the lumpectomy and brachytherapy a little over 2 years ago and totally regretting the "easy" 5 day accelerated radiation route. Dealing with fibrosis setting in. I would have totally went this route if I knew it was available to me. Just recently joined and learning a lot. Thanks Ladies!

  • mysticalcity
    mysticalcity Member Posts: 184

    Just posting an update on my cryoablation. I had cryoablation done in June 2019 with Dr. Dennis Holmes off trial. I have had 6 month follow ups every year since then. I continue to show no evidence of disease, no recurrence, and am extremely healthy. I do continue on anastrozole but am entering my 5th and final year of that. I continue to be elated with my cryoablation results. My breast looks completely normal. I was told next year I may be able to switch to annual monitoring. I highly recommend cryoablation as a treatment option.