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Purple around both areola, plus goosebumps?

LadyOakTree Member Posts: 2


I noticed today that the skin around both of my areolas was faintly purple. Not quite like a bruise, just a faint purple. I have also noticed that I get goosebumps very frequently on my breasts, however they point 'out' rather than dimple my skin, and though there are a few spots around my areola that are always there, they only seem to appear when cold.

I know I must sound like the biggest worry wart ever - but my mother passed from cancer and I only recently got over a health scare regarding ovarian cancer. I tried googling 'purple around areolas' and variations of that and most of what came up was IBC - but most links only mentioned reddening of the skin etc. I'm really just looking for opinions or thoughts on whether or not this could be something concerning. I will likely go to my doctor regardless and discuss if the purplish color persists.


  • Ataraneh24
    Ataraneh24 Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2020

    mine turn purple sometimes. They change though depending on the situation. I’ve read it can be Raynauds syndrome. People usually get that in their fingers. I don’t tho but my lips do sometimes. Always have. If it’s happening with goosebumps might be worth looking into. I’ve read a lot about Paget’s nipple which can be presented as nipple discoloring but my doc told me one nipple will look different and there would be a patch of different skin. Check with your doctor though because only they will know what’s up.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,068
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    Lady - don't google. Just go see your GYN.

  • LadyOakTree
    LadyOakTree Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2020

    There is Reynauds in my family - but it isnt only when I'm cold. Honestly the goosebumps and this faint purple is stressing me out. I am booking an appointment for next week to get it checked. It's also weird that the coloration is perfectly around BOTH of my areolas - it isn't affecting the nipples/areolas themselves at all.

  • Frodolove
    Frodolove Member Posts: 1
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    hi there, did you figure out what it was?