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Keto/low carb sisterhood



  • Esther01
    Esther01 Member Posts: 229

    I love this thread. I was looking above at the Macro ratios; I believe my diet has recently been the Modified 3:1 Keto diet. I eat as much organic produce as possible (ouch on the price tags, though!). For protein I choose only clean, grass fed/cage-free/antibiotic-free proteins to assist my body to recover from radiation. I am five weeks in with radiation and have no fatigue, for which I am astonished and grateful.

    There is a wonderful app called MyPlate which allows you to reset your Macros to assist with staying on your keto diet of choice. I have modified all three macro categories to fit my goals. I love that you can just scan the bar code on a food item and portion size, click on "I ate that" and it automatically loads all of the nutrient counts into your daily planner. I find that on the days that I use the app, I achieve my calories and macro goals, but when I do not, I fall short of my required caloric intake for the day (I am 25 pounds underweight and trying to gain muscle back). You can also add your daily water intake and exercise.



  • sunandsea
    sunandsea Member Posts: 28

    Just wanted to pop in and welcome all of the new sisters! I've added you to the pinned post ;) Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in and share your stories, ask questions, and exchange valuable keto/low carb knowledge you've learned along the way.

  • macdebbie
    macdebbie Member Posts: 65

    Hi Keto sisters! I have been doing a very low carb diet for the last 7 years ever since being dx with pre-diabetes. That kicked my butt in gear and I did a 180 on my diet. Was the best thing I ever did. I was an accident waiting to happen metabolically, but my bloodwork is completely normal now (including my A1c with no meds) and I lost 50 lbs I had put on over 10 years and couldn't get off no matter what I did.

    Due to my cancer dx I am moving toward true Keto, although I eat only 12% carbs, and only clean carbs (from fruits and veggies) my meter shows that I am in Ketosis.

    Looking forward to learning more from this group.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 703

    Hey Macdebbie,

    What are you using for a meter? Urine or blood?

    Was 12% the amount you were doing for diabetes?

  • macdebbie
    macdebbie Member Posts: 65

    Salamandra, I've been using the Verio One Touch for years, but just bought a Precision Xtra meter so that I could test glucose and ketones. The strips are expensive though. So I alternate. They are both blood meters.

    I do 12% carbs routinely - trying to get it a bit lower so my A1C is under 5, but yes, I started that when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, actually a lot lower initially (20 gross carbs max a day) but it was too much of a hurdle and I wasn't feeling well at all (weak and dizzy). I likely was hypoglycemic and didn't know it. So I adjust more slowly now.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 703

    Thanks macdebbie.

    I did keto fairly strictly for about a year, but seem to have burnt myself out on it and I'm a bit all over the place now and starting to gain some weight back. I'm trying to figure out a way back that will feel right for me. I don't have diabetic concerns at the moment. I'm wondering whether monitoring would help or just make me crazy.

  • norcals
    norcals Member Posts: 206


    Have you tried extended intermittent fasting (16+)? I stay low carb (used to be very strict keto), and IF keeps me at a fairly low carb level because I don’t snack or eat as often. I noticed that snacks were usually higher in carbs versus a regular meal, so by sticking to longer fasts, I’ve been able to stay low carb without going crazy counting or measuring ketones

  • macdebbie
    macdebbie Member Posts: 65

    Everything I am reading about ER+/PR+ cancer says to eat a low fat diet because estrogen is stored in fat. Obviously Keto and even low carb (which I eat now and have been for the last 6 years to keep my diabetes under control without meds) is higher fat.

    Can anyone shed light on this? Is Keto good for some cancers but not good for those of us with ER+/PR+ cancers?

    I will be taking Tamoxifen, but confused about nutrition and how that all plays into this. I read a list of "foods to avoid due to high estrogen" and it's basically everything I eat - salads, nuts, fish, cheese (not much and this is my only dairy).

    I really hate to change a way of eating that has been so healthy for me for so long...

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 703

    There is NOT strong nutritional science on diet and breast cancer (outside of some very narrow recommendations for the duration of chemo, etc). There is an association between body fat and certain types of breast cancer but as far as I know, causation has not even been rigorously established.

    My understanding is that the recommendation for a low fat diet is the assumption that a low fat diet will lead to a lower fat body, and that is associated with lower risks.

    That assumption often does not bear out for many of us.

    I read a list of "foods to avoid due to high estrogen"

    There is a LOT of bogus or just unsupported stuff out there, based on theories, speculation, or at best petri dishes or mice trials. If you have found a way of eating that works for you, I would not change it based on quality of the science that currently exists.

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247

    I transitioned to organic-only after the dx. On 09/18, I transitioned to low-carb/organic-only and I intermittent fast daily. For snacks, I eat dark chocolate almonds, dark chocolate almond bars, and dark chocolate coconut treats (organic-only). I do one cheat day each week, which is great fun! I am full of energy now. Daily nap times have left the building with the diet changes. I am not hungry like I used to be, except on the mornings after the cheat days. I have lost 26lbs since 09/18. Crossing fingers, I stick with it. My jeans are happy to be in use again.

    I added turkey tail, iodine, vitamin D, and ASEA supplements to my my daily intake too.
  • nola70115
    nola70115 Member Posts: 61

    Hi wondering — it’s nice to see another New Orleanian on here!

    macdebbie - I don’t know that there is a connection between dietary fat and estrogen. My understanding has been that we don’t want to have excess body fat because it stores estrogen in our bodies, but fat we eat doesn’t get stored that way. My doctors have recommended low carb to get my weight down to reduce body fat

  • zogo
    zogo Member Posts: 18,705

    Hi, I just found this page. I'm dedicated to keto. Hoping to find others that can share good ideas!