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Triple Positive Arimidex Headaches

shaccasean Member Posts: 1
edited January 2022 in HER2+ (Positive) Breast Cancer

Having Headaches since I started taking Arimidex. Of course my mind runs and I feel like I have a brain tumor.

Anyone else have Headaches from this drug? Can't sleep from Hot/cold and Headaches. Thank you so much!


  • ingerp
    ingerp Member Posts: 1,514
    edited July 2020

    shaccasean--I'm not sure how long you've been on the AI, but I *did* have some headaches the first few weeks/months. They went away, though. A fair number of SEs tail off after your body adjusts.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,925
    edited July 2020

    Hi Shaccasean, and welcome to,

    We're so sorry to hear you're managing this uncomfortable and troubling issue. In fact, the main site's side effect page on Headaches does list Arimidex as a medication that can cause headaches, along with some tips to help ease the pain.

    In addition, you mention hot flashes affecting you while you sleep. Here's some good tips on Hot Flashes too.

    We hope this helps and that you start feeling better soon. We look forward to seeing you around the boards!

    --The Mods

  • Stage1AintNoThing
    Stage1AintNoThing Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2022

    YES-I did after just 3 days & stopped taking it. I opted for bi-lateral mastectomy even though carcinoma was found in just the right breast, and staged as “1A”, so I’m not interested in doing any more estrogen blocking drugs. It’s hard enough dealing with reconstruction..