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Can Some Older Women With Early HER2+ BC Skip Chemo?


Can Some Older Women With Early-Stage HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Skip Chemotherapy?
October 30, 2020

Certain woman age 70 to 80 may be able to skip chemotherapy after surgery for early-stage HER2-positive disease and be treated with Herceptin alone. Read more...


  • MtnHiker
    MtnHiker Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2021

    I am 74 and my oncologist recommended Herceptin without chemo plus radiation. I'm getting my 2nd Herceptin infusion today. So far, no negative side affects.

  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 782
    edited April 2021

    It's only a 4 year study and I would prefer that it be much longer. But that's just me.

  • Bettyboophume
    Bettyboophume Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2022

    I'm 68, will be 69 soon. I found I had early DCIS HER2+ in December 2021, lumpectomy done late December and 16 Radiation tx. in March. I spoke with my Oncology doc about chemo, hormone tx or immune therapy. I do have chronic kidney disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. At this point in time, my doc felt that the best solution was either hormone tx or nothing. The issue with hormone tx would be increased osteoporosis. As I need Prolia for even the little improvement I've had, I decided to have no additional treatment at this time. I know that I will be followed closely so I'm comfortable with my decision. If this help, I'm glad. Good luck