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Diagnosed 10 days ago - MRI shows tumor 4 times larger...yikes



  • SuseMarie
    SuseMarie Member Posts: 12

    Update after lumpectomy... Surgery was one week ago today. Surgeon had to go back while I was still out to get more margin, and had a difficult time getting to the (2) sentinel lymph nodes which were very deep. I felt great the next day and steadily seem to be feeling worse since then. Today have very little energy and ache all over. Not sure I understand why I feel this way, as it appears I should be steadily improving and closer to normal by now....???

    Pathology report was good news. Surgeon called me to say the margins were clear and lymph nodes negative. So very happy to know this.

    I'll hear from my Breast Navigator soon as she is waiting on the Med. Oncologist for orders on Oncotype testing. She said she will be explaining the testing purpose, etc to me once she gets the orders...I'm not sure how I feel about that since a higher number could mean Chemotherapy and here I am just having learned there has been no spread from tumor itself - but yet don't want to take chances either.

    Any thoughts of those of you on this, and also am I way off in thinking I should feel better one week after surgery rather than worse.


  • quinnie
    quinnie Member Posts: 113

    Susemarie: Yes you should definately feel better by now. You might have an infection brewing or just another bug that is going around. Be sure to tell the nurse navigator about your symptoms. Glad to hear the results of the lumpectomy were good. Hopefully will have a good outcome on the onco score.

  • Astrid
    Astrid Member Posts: 1,033

    Hi Susemarie

    I vaguely remember my BS telling me they put anaesthetic in the stitches or breast area?? for pain management, and it wears off...sorry it is too long ago for details.

    I also remember day 4 being the day for post surgery blues...quite common apparently. Could be healing pain. Hard to know. Always good to mention it as quinnie suggests.

    So glad no spread to nodes.

    Good luck with Oncotype results.


  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 765

    Susiemarie, I was feeling quite ok the week after my lumpectomy and I had a 6.5 cm of dcis and idc taken out. I'd check in with my surgeon tomorrow just to make sure you are not having an infection. God that you are having the shorter radiation protocol. I had that also and it was really easy. No problems with my skin at all. Keep us posted.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 719

    Hi Susie Marie,

    So far so good!

    Just FYI, the negative lymph nodes doesn't necessarily mean the cancer didn't spread, unfortunately. Hopefully the nurse will explain better than I can, but I think oncotype is a good idea. Hopefully it will confirm the lack of chemo, but if it calls for chemo, it means you can know you'll benefit from it. A case where all the physical markers look good but the oncotype comes back high is really when the oncotype can save lives, and is arguably needed most.

  • SuseMarie
    SuseMarie Member Posts: 12

    Thank you all for your advice and kind words. The day I wrote last, which was 7 days after surgery, was a rough day physically and also I think emotionally, which contributed to the depressed and very fatigued feeling. I didn't really feel like I had any symptoms of infection like chills or bad all-over body aches, just was so tired. Fortunately my energy level improved even by the next day so I felt encouraged by that that improvement was happening.

    I do think part of it and occasionally I still have moments where, I am sick of the whole thing. If you read my first post I mentioned the ridiculous physical issues I have had over the past 4 -5 months. I've had great health and freedom from physical problems all my life so it has felt crazy to me. First a fractured foot in September, chest pains after that with a whole heart work up and worries of heart disease - the chest pains turned out to be caused from the next problem, a haital hernia and reflux causing esophageal spasms. I had surgery to repair that December 7. Then a recall mammogram Dec 17 which resulted in a biopsy finding breast cancer!!! So....sorry to reiterate it all over again, but I think there are times where I really just feel like I've had enough.

    Thank you for the good wishes for the oncotype.... I haven't spent much time worrying about it because I really do not want to face a high result and then probably chemotherapy unless/until I have to. Gosh I hope not. Guess this is all challenge I need to become stronger? But to be honest most of the time I am just fine and actually very thankful things are as good as they are with the cancer, as they could have been much worse. Salamandra I appreciate your viewpoint and do see it that way - that if results from the oncotype point to chemotherapy as highly recommended I will be glad to know it and will take the treatment recommended on as the smart thing to do.