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MO take on Verzenio

kmom57 Member Posts: 177
edited January 2021 in Stage III Breast Cancer

Saw my MO (at a research hospital).We had talked about Verzenio some months ago, and he was considering it in my case. The plan was by the time chemo and rads were done, there would be more data from Monarch trial and we’d discuss it and decide then. He was, back then, hopeful about the initial results.

He brought it up at my last visit. I was half afraid he’d say yes, you need this, and half afraid it was going to be one less missle in the armory, so to speak. It was the latter. He feels that the data from the initial years of follow up was good and he was hopeful. But as follow up proceeds, he sees it following the same trend as the Ibrance trials. He’s unconvinced. Thoughts?