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Cymbalta for pain?

adelemcq Member Posts: 1

Hi there, has anyone tried Cymbalta to help with pain from Anatrazole?


  • OCDAmy
    OCDAmy Member Posts: 289
    edited March 2021

    I take it along with Celebrex. Both seem to help. I still have some pain (I have arthritis) but it’s manageable.

  • HappyCookingWife
    HappyCookingWife Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2021

    In January 2021, I began to see a rheumatologist to address my nearly debilitating joint swelling and pain caused by 4.5 years of Exemestane. Even though my test results stated that I did not have rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist decided to prescribe me medications to help alleviate the swelling and pain. In February 2021 my rheumatologist prescribed Cymbalta for my extreme joint pain caused by Exemestane. I had read about Cymbalta possibly helping to reduce the inflammation caused by Hormonal Therapy medications for breast cancer patients, but never thought I would be a candidate for it. Since it is an anti-depressant it helps "to calm your system down" as my rheumatologist's nurse told me. Her nurse also told me that there are very few side effects with Cymbalta. I tried Cymbalta for 2 days and had to stop - because I developed severe vertigo on Day 1 and it continued into Day 2. I already have an unmanageable number of side effects from Exemestane - including vertigo on those very, very rare occasions. I do not need to take a new drug to exacerbate my situation. When I mentioned the side effects to my pharmacist, I was told that vertigo, dizziness and nausea are very, very common side effects of Cymbalta - due to the class of drug. Pharmacist also told me that vertigo usually doesn't go away fully, even after prolonged use.

    My rheumatologist wanted to try another anti-depressant, but I shut her down. Every time I get a new medication to help with the side effects of taking Exemestane, my situation gets worse, not better. I have decided just to ride out the last 7 months of Exemestane without any additional assistance from medications. Some days I can barely get out of bed without falling on the floor due to my joints being so swollen. But I know what is causing it: Exemestane. I have come this far, I will finish the race with as much control over what medications I take as possible.

    Nowadays, my doctors are so quick to write out a prescription for a drug, for any concern I bring up about discomfort or physical challenges - after they spent the first 3 years telling me that none of their patients exhibited any of the side effects I mentioned once I started taking Exemestane.

  • gradystubs2022
    gradystubs2022 Member Posts: 10
    edited December 2021

    Why hasn't your oncologist tried letrozole or arimidix instead since they are the other two options for AI therapy for post menopausal women.

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,373
    edited January 2022

    HappyCookingWife - I take letrozole, not Exemestane, but I can really relate to the main points of your post. I have been told to take all sorts of over the counter stuff to help combat side effects and have been given prescriptions. All that stuff invariably makes me feel worse. I also hear from the doctors how they've just never heard people say that before, or they dismiss it in some other way. It seems like all these doctors know these days is writing prescriptions or saying, "Just go get some X (any OTC product)". I really find it hard to believe. Until 2018 and my cancer diagnosis, I hadn't had any major contact with the medical system since I had my kids in the 1980's. This is a whole new way of doing business that they have and I'm not impressed.

    So far (2 years), I've been able to live with the awful side effects I get from the Letrozole, and like you, would rather just continue with this, than take all that other garbage along with it. I think switching to another AI could come with some notable problems also.