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2014 DX at 31 checking in... ER+PR+ Her2+


June 19th 2014 I was DX with a 1.7cm Triple positive breast CA.

I chose a bilateral MX and requested to keep my nipples, despite them being breast tissue. I chose this because I refuse to do radiation because it was on my L side directly near my heart. Nope..Also, RADS would affect my cosmetic outcome and I am vain.

Was supposed to do 6 rounds of TCH, but I quit at the 4th round. Continued Herceptin for 5 more months until the fatigue from lowering LVEF lessened my quality of life..It wasn't too low, but low enough for side effects.

I tried OS plus an AI, but my quality of life was no good. Tamoxifen was a no go because I had been on prozac for over a decade and my mental health is everything to me.

I declined hormonal therapy.

I do not see an Oncologist, my family doctor orders yearly breast MRI's and offers me anything needed. I see no point in seeing an Oncologist when I do not need their service.

I am FANTASTIC. After quitting chemotherapy, getting the hormone therapy out of my system, and focusing on feeling better, I am 99% of what I was pre cancer.

It took 4 years to feel 80%, and I am just now feeling 99%.

So far I have seen women that DID EVERYTHING I did not do have recurrences, so I personally believe that doing everything is a crap shoot. If my cancer wants to recur it will, regardless of what I do. I am dedicated to living well.

I did not follow the regular path, but the path I have followed has given me so many GOOD years that I wouldn't change anything.

I do take DIM supplement, as well as Cinnamon.

Life is good..I am still ALIVE.