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New Lump

kmartin3243 Member Posts: 6
edited April 2021 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi Ladies!

I wanted to post about my situation. I am sincerely hoping that one of you knowledgeable ladies can offer some suggestions. I do not mean to offend anyone by this post. So I found another lump a few days ago in my left breast. I am going to make an appointment with my obgyn and get a referral to the breast center on Monday. I have been monitored starting at age 31 every 3-6 months for the last 4 years. During this time, I have found many cysts and many fibroadenomas in both breasts(even in my armpits). I've lost count of how many biopsies, mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs that I have had. I have extremely dense and very small breasts.

Emotionally, I have a difficult time going through this over and over again. I guess I should be used to it but I am not. I feel that every couple of months or so I literally find a new lump in my breast, and I go through the cycle all over again. I don't see there being an end to this. I feel like the boy who cried wolf, but it's not in my head. I also understand that as I age the chances of it being a not so friendly lump increase.

I do have a family history of breast cancer. I have tried to get feedback from the breast radiologist at the center. The only thing they have ever suggested was to drink less caffeine, but I don't drink any caffeine? I guess they don't mind running tests on me every couple of months. I hate to be in this cycle for the rest of my life, but I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, back to the waiting game again.