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Capsular Contracture post radiation with implant/screening


Hello everyone. I had a lumpectomy and completed radiation in Sept of 2019. I had implants prior to my diagnosis and the implants were left as is during the ordeal. 8 months post radiation, I had an annual mammo and it was incredibly painful. My annual is coming up again and I’m worried about it. My breast is much harder than pre radiation and I don’t know how they are going to smash it between those metal plates for the mammo.

I’m going to consult with the plastic surgeon but I am concerned how they will get a good screening and will my implant rupture? I had wanted a double M with implant recon originally so I could forgo radiation but they talked me out of it. So if my implant ruptures we all know it won’t heal well to put a new implant in.

Any ladies with encapsulated implants that still do the yearly mammogram with no problems?

I don’t know how they could have advised me the way they did knowing implants harden after radiation.

A yearly MRI has its risks too I’ve heard. The dye they inject leaves deposits in your brain.