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Removing Pre-Cancer Implants During Lumpectomy

HummingbirdAZ Member Posts: 93
edited July 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

This might seem like an odd question but I really don't see anything on here about this. I had implants before being diagnosed and now have the option to have them removed at the same time as my lumpectomy/dissection week after next. I'll need 6 weeks of radiation and have read that often the breast will drop up to 2 sizes due to the implant contracture. That, with the lumpectomy "divet", would likely result in a correction surgery down the road, according to the plastic surgeon. If I have them removed to avoid the contracture, I'd still likely need a "lift" down the road to deal with the stretched skin. I've got a week to decide what to do! Today, I'm thinking take them out, which I know will make me look weird for a while, but could cover with a bandeau bra if horrible. That mindset changes literally daily, or even hourly. Anyone out there have experience in this? Or an opinion? I'm SO conflicted!!!