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Finally going for consult to finish up what I started.

notbrokenjustbent Member Posts: 326
edited July 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

8 years ago I had a DIEP to reconstruct my left breast. I was so thin there was not enough tummy to complete so I was left lopsided. At that time we discussed building up the breast with a small implant, lift and reduction on the other side of lift and fat grafting. As time passes I got use to being lopsided and nippleless but the one thing that really has come to bother me is the door ears and as I have gained weight they are more like elephant ears. As long as I want/need them removed I may decide to finish up with my reconstruction.

I have waited months for this consult and Thursday is the big day. My question for the group is how do they correct the dog ears. Can they lipo them or do I have to go under the knife?