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New hope for those of us with lymphedema!

cowgal Member Posts: 625
edited August 2021 in Lymphedema

Hope for us with lymphedema:


  • Esther01
    Esther01 Member Posts: 229
    edited August 2021

    Wow, Cowgal,

    This is FANTASTIC. What a great research find. Cellgrow sounds like it will be amazing for bone growth, nerve regeneration and relief from lymphedemia. Thank you so much for posting this!



  • BlueGirlRedState
    BlueGirlRedState Member Posts: 900
    edited August 2021

    Cowgal - thanks for posting. It sounds like CELGRO has many potential applications

  • buttonsmachine
    buttonsmachine Member Posts: 339
    edited August 2021

    Thank you for posting this!