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Focusing on the positive...

Scottish1999 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

I have just realised that my breast clinic appt tomorrow is only to see the BS, and while I will beg her for an US, she may well tell me I have to come back for it, together with the mammogram. I feel such a fool, thinking my worries might be addressed so simply.

Anyway, I have a cluster of silly things to ask, and it is entirely possible that I have a benign condition. The evidence for that, I think, is that everything has happened very suddenly together.

I saw a gynae yesterday literally at a drop in clinic because I felt I would not sleep. And been missing so many nights tossing and turning.

Anyway she could feel nothing and also used the classic line "BC doesn't hurt".

So, ladies. A challenge. What could it be if it's not BC? I have pain in one breast, severity comes and goes. Really sore when I press nipple (so I've only done it twice), armpit feels swollen but doesn't look it.

4 weeks duration. Before that, zilch, zero. Forgot my boobs were even there (along with the male population since I turned 50 but that's fine with me).

BIRADS 0 mamo last year with f/u US which was normal. Advised just to stick to annual exams.

Mid 50s, on HRT 6 years, never had a blip. Now this.

Thank you ladies. God bless you all for your time.