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Cant deal with letrozole, is tamox an option?

kksmom3 Member Posts: 101

I am seriously thinking about going off this med that I've faithfully taken for 2.6 years. I was hoping to make it 5, but the SE's are getting really old. I know my risk of recurrence is small, 3mm tumor found in 6 mm of DCIS, but there is risk. I am not sure how much? I will be talking to my MO on the 17th. I am 64 and not sure whether the joint/muscle pain is normal aging or from lack of estrogen.That I can handle. What I cannot do anymore is the vaginal soreness. I feel like knives are stabbing me all the time. I have tried many things, OTC and vaginal estrogen cream, as a last resort. It's gotten a little better, but overall continues to get worse. I've been dealing with this a year and a half now and I'm over it.

It looks like tamoxifen only goes to the breasts? I wonder if that could be an option for me.

I also wonder how long these drugs stay in your system ? I wonder if the Vaginal Dryness/soreness could actually improve?