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Program in Washington DC for high risk young adults

mandy1313 Member Posts: 978
edited August 2021 in Recommend Your Resources

My young adult daughter has asked that I help her find a program in Washington DC or close to Washington DC that will offer careful screening for possible breast cancer. While she is not diagnosed at this time, due to my history and the history of my sister, she is considered at high risk. She has been using a program in New York City to follow her, but will be moving to Washington on September 1st. If any of you have had experience with such a program would appreciate if you would answer here or private message me.

Thanks !



  • jonib
    jonib Member Posts: 92

    Mandy - did you ever find a program? My daughter lives in the DC area and would be interested in this as well.

  • kalla
    kalla Member Posts: 8

    I am on the Virginia side of DC, and have found Fairfax Radiology to be excellent, efficient, and caring for screening, followup, and biopsies thus far. They are affiliated with the INOVA system and have an MRI facility colocated with the INOVA Cancer Schar Institute at INOVA INOVA Fairfax Hospital and a mammogram specialty center basically across the street.