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4 vs 6 weeks

Originally my dr offered me the choice of doing 4 weeks (with more intense radiation) or 6 weeks (with less intense).

I chose the 6 weeks because I really don't want to miss ANY work, and I was worried about fatigue with the 4-week course.

After my first appointment today they gave me a calendar of all my upcoming appointments and it showed only 4 weeks worth of appointments. I asked and they said that the dr said I was doing the 4 weeks, and not the 6.

Now I am debating if I should speak up and ask to go back to the 6-week plan, or just suck it up and do the 4 weeks.

I guess my question is I know the side effects will be worse with the 4 weeks, but HOW MUCH worse? I feel lost now and not sure what to do.