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Post surgery for ILC

GracieGirl2016 Member Posts: 2

Hi everyone,

Had a lumpectomy for ILC on Aug 11. Just got the pathology report today saying, thankfully, 0/3 for lymph nodes, but 1/4 for positive margins. Of course, I got the path report on late on a Friday afternoon and the doctor's office is closed until Monday, so thank goodness for all of you. 2 questions:

1) Over a week later, my armpit under the sln incision hurts more now than just after surgery. Is this normal? The incision is fine, no redness or infection, but there is a large bump underneath that is very sore, icing it now!

2) Does a positive margin mean a second lumpectomy? I am figuring it does, but just trying to prepare myself. I have read that with ILC, it can be more difficult to get all of it. Would also love any thoughts on how a positive margin reflects on my surgeon? do even the best surgeon's get positive margins?

Thanks for you help on this one!