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Savi Scout and Aftercare

macdebbie Member Posts: 65

I had my Savi Scout placements yesterday, and I have to say it wasn't the most pleasant experience. Part of it was that I wasn't prepared - I don't know what I was thinking it would be like, but it was very similar to the stereotactic biopsy. I wish my BCS had prepared me a bit better.

They had to do the procedure twice, because the first device did not deploy close enough to the tumor. So that increased my anxiety as well. The second one is in the correct position but now I wonder how the BCS is going to find the correct sensor since they will both be giving off sound waves. The radiologist told me she would talk to the BCS and not to worry, they do it by coordinates and images, but I still called my BCS to fill them in and asked the PA to call me Mon after she talks to the BCS.

Unlike my biopsies, I was given no instructions for aftercare. I realize this is not as extensive as there is not an incision, but I bled quite a bit. They told me (only because I asked) to wait 24 hours to take a shower. There is a small scab at the site now which I am fearful of disturbing, lest I cause bleeding. Is it ok to gently wash the area? I don't want to get an infection. Ugh...