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itch and lump after biopsy

ilovelxj Member Posts: 1
edited September 2021 in Waiting for Test Results

Hi ladies, I have been checking on all topics here since last month after I was recommended to a breast biopsy. I had the biopsy done on last Thursday and did not feel much pain from it. Yesterday I received the call from hospital that the mass is a fibroadenoma though the pathology report is not ready yet, which makes me feel relieved after being anxious for almost three weeks. But I just surprisingly found that this lump is easily palpable now. It was only found through mammogram/ultrasound before and I am wondering if this is kind of swelling because of biopsy? How long does this last from your experience? I also found itchy bump on the biopsy site and feel a bit pain when I scratched it(trying my best not to), is this also normal pos biopsy? Thanks in advance!