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Penguin vs Paxman


Hello! I will be starting chemo about September 28th. I am receiving a second opinion on September 22nd and will need to make a decision within a day regarding which hospital to use AND to use cold caps or not.

I am curious if anyone has done carboplatin and Taxol and used cold caps.

My first opinion said I would be doing 12 weeks of chemo.4 cycles of: Week 1 Carboplatin and Taxol Weeks 2 and 3: Taxol Repeat four times.

If you have experience with this regiment, what was your success and with what kind of cap? Success meaning how much hair did you keep? Your overall opinion about the process? Were the side effects manageable?
I would appreciate any help in this matter. It's a huge decision!!

I have access to Penguin Cold Caps at hospital #1 and Paxman and Penguin at hospital #2.
What is your opinion of using Paxman vs Penguin?

I like the low(er) maintenance of Paxman, but I don't know it's success rate.
Thank you!