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Savi Scout and Fat Necrosis

macdebbie Member Posts: 65

I didn't have a good experience with my Savi Scout placement. Had I known what was involved, I would have gone to the facility that did both of my biopsies. It seemed the facility I was at was very new at doing these as some of the equipment - was still wrapped in plastic. Had it not been the Friday before my surgery I would have cancelled the appt. when I saw that. They didn't even have the right chair put together so it was not as comfortable as when I went for my core biopsy.

In any case, everything seemed to be going well, and then everyone got quiet looking at a mammogram. I asked if something was wrong, and they told me they had to deploy another Savi as the first one did not go in far enough, I was pretty distraught at hearing that - I asked the radiologist what that meant and how the BCS would know which one was the right one, and did that mean I would have to have more tissue taken out to take out the extra Savi. She said she would talk to the BCS and explain what happened.

When I saw the BCS the morning of surgery, she told me everything was ok, they had talked, and had it under control. I was too anxious to probe further. In reading my path report, it said the biopsy marker came out, as did ONE Savi device. So it seems I am left with a Savi in me. The PA at the BCS's office told me there was no harm in leaving it in, but I have read nothing about that anywhere, and who knows if it's every happened before? I can't imagine leaving a device in you is good. I know the biopsy markers are made of titanium, I have no idea what the Savis are made of and what kind of risk that poses to me. Ugh... Always something.

I noticed on the path report that it said I had "interstitial hemorrhage" and "fat necrosis" at the biopsy site, which I guess was cause by the trauma of the biopsy. What are the chances that I will get these things from the lumpectomy? I will ask my BCS, but just wondering because a neighbor had a lumpectomy and said she then had to have a mastectomy because she got fat necrosis.