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Dreading Pinktober and Looking for Advice on Advocacy

Poppy_90 Member Posts: 84
edited September 2021 in Advocacy

I know I’m not alone here in the dread I am feeling as October is looming…

I have been doing a lot of thinking in what I can do to make it positive for me. Giving back has always been a big source of fulfillment. Even before being diagnosed, I’ve volunteered with ACS.

But, I’m looking for something more. I think the answer is advocacy, but where does one start? There’s so much that needs attention—funding for Stage IV, healthcare equity, and so much else.

Has anyone had experience successfully advocating? I would love your advice and how you began. Fundraising and walks are great, but I have to believe there’s more. This forum is full of so many smart women. Each of us has a story share and impact that we could make. And I have no doubt that many of you are successfully doing that.

Maybe starting as an advocate will turn pink-effing-tober (apologies to anyone I’ve offended, but that is hw I feel :) )into something meaningful. I would love any and all thoughts and wisdom. Thanks!