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Did you receive chemo for ILC?

Krisc Member Posts: 1

I was recently diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer. The tumor was larger than any imaging showed, the pathology after BMX, showed a 5.5 cm tumor, and 2 other 1 cm tumors in the same breast. The sentinel nodes showed trace cancer cells but the surgeon said this is considered negative. My tumor was ER/PR positive, HER2 negative. The surgeon says he expects the oncologist will recommend chemo and radiation, along with an anti hormonal pill. I am 66 years old. I will meet my oncologist for the first time on September 29th. I am reading so much that indicates chemo is not as effective on lobular cancer as on ductal. I am wondering what other lobular patients were recommended by their oncologists? I know each treatment is specific to the patient. My surgeon said I did not qualify for oncotype testing because my tumor was over 5 cm. Is there any other test that may show effectiveness of adding chemo to treatment plan? Any suggestions for questions I should ask the oncologist?