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Help! Needing info on Latissimus dorsi with implant

loverofjesus Member Posts: 174
edited September 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have to

Have surgery this way I will be having surgery in November. I will have a bilateral mastectomy. On one side they will do an expander and fill it like protocol for the implant. On the cancer side there will be all skin removed sooooo not able to fill an expander. So until after radiation I will be Whop sided for about 4 months with expanders. One filled and one not.

Then in March ish. I will have another surgery on one side they replace expander with implant, on the cancer side they will do a latissimus Dorsi flap to hold the implant. So I will be having two major surgeries. Ugh. Makes me want to cry really.

But my questions are:

  • If you had a LD flap with implant what was your recovery time?
  • If your LD reconstruction with implant was on one side what did you do while being uneven?
  • How long was your Hospital stay?
  • Was the finished reconstruction symmetrical? (Even) I don’t want one higher or lower or what

Anyone who can give me insight on LD I will appreciate. I already know the risks, so please try to refrain from bad stories.

I need positive experiences and encouragement that it's all going to be ok. I hope someone will answer this thread. Actually, I hope several will.