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Nipple saving or not

eowin Member Posts: 4
edited October 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

hi everyone

Had a lumpectomy on my right breast Dec 2020 ( large lcis with papillary carcinoma of less than 1 mm). Rads finished Febr this year. Left side okay so far.

My mother and sisters all have had breastcancer but nothing found in genetics.

Now my surgeon (together with other board members oncologist , plastic surgeon...) advise bilateral skin saving mastectomy and nipples removed.

Cancer was not in my skin or near nipple.

A few months later my surgeon mentions that there is a possibility to keep my nipples.

My oncologist says to remove the nipple from the bad side and keep the left one..

Now I am realy confused about this contradictoral advice and my question is: how do they determine if nipples have to be removed or not?

What is your experience?

thanks for your advice