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Anyone know about the red devil?



  • dutchiegirl
    dutchiegirl Member Posts: 76
    edited December 2021

    We ended up calling Adriamycin the Red Warrior. I had to visualize that this drug was helping me, not killing me. The side effects were extremely challenging (think the grastofil had bad side effects as well) but I didn’t have any trips to the ER or any blood transfusions. No vomiting or nausea but eating was pretty much impossible. I was down to 113 lbs by the time I was done chemo. At 5’10” tall, I can you that that was too thin! (I am now at 145). My heart is fine though I do get tachycardia every once in a while. I know that we don’t necessarily get off scot-free from long term and lasting effects but, besides a very bad case of chemo brain, I’m doing well! It was a short period of time in the big scheme of things and, if the red warrior gobbled up those cancer cells, I can’t ask for much more