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Bi-rads 4c, what an insane week

deborra67 Member Posts: 13
edited October 2021 in Waiting for Test Results


Just wanted to introduce myself in the 'Waiting for Test Results' and hang out here for a few days ;) I can't believe how fast this week has progressed, and I have swung from not being able to breathe crying yesterday afternoon to pretty much filled with gratitude this afternoon at all the things that have gone right.

It had been about 18 mo since my last screening, and at 54 I was even toying to moving over to the every-2-year-schedule. I'm going to call it supernatural nudge a week ago Friday to go online & make my screening appointment, and they had an opening Monday. Found an 'architectural distortion' at 6 on my right breast, and gave me a bi-rads0. I found another appointment on Thursday, and by the time the diagnostic mammogram & ultrasound were finished yesterday, I was being ushered into a room to speak with a 'breast care coordinator' for the "4c" score. Almost 4cm, but lymph nodes look good, all this information just flying at me, and did I have availability to do a biopsy today.

Did not sleep last night, reading lots of articles and then trying to get away from that because I was spinning like crazy, and then over for the biopsy today where they took 4 samples. Incredibly compassionate and thorough, I really felt like I sailed right through. I asked my radiologist directly, and she provided me with an answer I can live with over the weekend while I wait.. something along the lines of "if they come back and say it's not cancer, I would need to have a full explanation and the right words, facts, etc to believe it." Fair enough. She also reminded me that I have done everything that needs done quickly, and now it's time to just rest over the weekend - so I'm thinking, I'm grateful for insurance, for my spouse, for my amazing adult kids who are going to be surprised but they will be awesome.

I know I sound like it's a done deal, but I promise to come here and share if it's a crazy-good-news miracle story. If not, then I will take a big breath and get to work. I can't say exactly why I feel so much lighter today than yesterday, but for now I'm "Waiting for Test Results" - good enough for today. Hello to all, I'm so sorry for the fights you are all having to wage. Hoping I don't need to join you in that, but 'kind of' ready if that's the reality.

Take care all,



  • cyathea
    cyathea Member Posts: 321

    Hi Deb, just wanted to send along some virtual hugs as you go through this difficult time. I was in a similar position in 2019. Whatever happens, your sisters are here for you! It’s sad that there are so many of us in this position (1 in 8), but I hope you can get some encouragement from those of us who have been living and thriving for years. I hope you can “think in years” while you take things “a day at a time.” (((Hugs))

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,681

    Welcome, Deb! The waiting is so hard, but we're glad you're here among people who know and understand it. Please do keep us posted.

    The Mods

  • deborra67
    deborra67 Member Posts: 13

    cyathea (and mods!), thanks for the welcome. I'm glad for a spot to learn and get to know others that have walked it.. appreciate the welcome.

  • LivinLife
    LivinLife Member Posts: 301

    Want to welcome you too Deb! Hopefully you hear by mid-next week though that may be a bit much to ask.... it will be on the sooner side of things though. You're fortunate, from the waiting perspective at this point, they were able to get you in same day for the biopsy. Often it's another week or two wait for folks. Saved you even more angst time! Yes, please let us know once you hear something.... sending out positive thoughts for you....

  • deborra67
    deborra67 Member Posts: 13

    Thanks LivinLife,

    My paperwork says 3-5 days on pathology, but the radiologist actually said this could get pushed up to the top of their stack.. she actually thought we might hear by Tuesday. A couple of days won't make too much difference, but it will be good to have this part behind me, for sure. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement!

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,934

    My breast center does biopsies on the spot for questionable ultrasounds, so don't freak out just because it was done quickly.

  • deborra67
    deborra67 Member Posts: 13

    Hi folks, just wanted to check back in as I received some biopsy results today - no more waiting for that part. I'm diagnosed with Invasive Lobular.. but have no staging or additional info quite yet. My primary care physician called today, and set me up with a surgeon appt for next week. My husband has been great.. it might sound weird but I felt desperate to do something, anything that might be useful.. so he took me to Costco and we got our covid boosters... that's something checked off the list I guess.

    Thanks for the welcome to the community, I guess I'll be staying for a bit. For now, I dunno. I am a little.. numb I guess. I don't want to be afraid, which I immediately was when I started reading about the difference between ductal & lobular.. but I know nothing yet, so I don't need to go browsing through clinical studies.

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,934

    Sorry you're an Us now. I don't know that there's any difference in treatment between ductal and lobular. The size and er/pr/Her2 status are what determines what happens, and after surgery, the Oncotype score. Make sure you mention that Covid shot at every appointment, since it can enlarge your lymph nodes.

    I found it helpful to do fun things between appointments and tests, and now looking back, I remember those fun days more than the medical ones.

  • deborra67
    deborra67 Member Posts: 13

    I like the idea of scheduling "fun" in between, showed your message to my husband :) And thanks for the info about the Covid shot, I had no idea...

  • pupmom
    pupmom Member Posts: 1,032

    Deborra67, sorry you are joining our "club," but you will get lots of support and info here.

    Just wanted to say that results of my biopsy also indicated Lobular, but after surgery it was classified as Ductal, with Lobular features. So things can change after surgery.

    Best wishes!

  • deborra67
    deborra67 Member Posts: 13

    Thanks all, just a quick heads-up before I get too far in - I had good advice from somebody that my username can be searched, and it's a good idea not to have "too much" info in that name. So, Deborra67 = BernerMom from here on out.