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Temps after surgery.

nns121317 Member Posts: 115

Can anybody comment on their temperature after surgery? I had BMX w/immediate implant reconstruction on 10/8, outpatient. By Monday my temp was 101 and my breasts were quite red, so I was prescribed Cipro and Doxycycline. I took as directed, currently on Day 8 of 10, and hadn't been over 99 since last Wednesday. Yesterday I had my drains removed, the breasts were still red but not nearly as widespread as the previous Monday.

I've been nauseous all day today, with chills, some mid-back pain I haven't experienced previously and my temp is hovering between 99.5-99.9. I know my body is trying to do a LOT right now with healing and all; I'm also nursing a leg injury and not really ambulatory, but it's getting better.

Does/did anybody else have elevated temps for awhile after surgery? I'll likely call the doctor tomorrow if things don't improve, but the feverish thing is getting old.