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Oophorectomy and er/or+

a_nic_ Member Posts: 13

Hope this isn’ta dumb question. I was diagnosed with stage 0 grade 2 DCIS er/or + last month. A few weeks ago found out I was BRCA2+ as well. I’m having a double mastectomy for the cancer and a prophylactic oophorectomy due to the BRCA. So my question is… can I not do HRT since the cancer is hormone positive? Or will it be okay since the cancer will be gone? I’m nervous of going into menopause, I’m only 41! Anyone with similar experiences


  • veeder14
    veeder14 Member Posts: 268
    edited November 2021

    Hi a_nic_

    Not a dumb question. If someone has hormone positive breast cancer that means the cancer was fueled by estrogen and most doctor's won't prescribe hormone replacement. Instead cancer treatment includes anti hormonal treatment to block/lower your total estrogen hormone in the body so the cancer doesn't come back.

    I'm BRAC2 also, and had breast cancer barely after finding out my BRAC status. I had a total hysterectomy (and ovaries removed)after taking Tamoxifen for 4 months because it caused my uterine lining to get super thick, which you don't want when in menopause because no periods/no way to get rid of the thickened lining and more chance of cancer. I don't think the AL anti hormonal treatment causes thick uterine linings but the Tamoxifen did.

  • sondraf
    sondraf Member Posts: 1,551
    edited November 2021

    What was your mom's experience like? That can be a good indicator of what menopause may be for you. I was put into instant menopause with an injection at 42 after dx for the drugs to work (and was highly er positive) and had a few hot flashes, mostly at night after eating, and one or two night sweat events. But, mom had no problem with menopause herself so the one lucky thing I got out of this whole mess was that break.

    I had the ooph in April this year after my brca1 status was discovered and to get off the shots. Skin is a bit drier but my moods are so much more stable and almost no hot flashes any more. None of my friends know and I hear some of them complain about perimenopause and honestly I'm a bit thankful I don't have to fuss with periods or a long drawn out menopause!

  • a_nic_
    a_nic_ Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2021

    Hearing this from you both makes me feel a little better!! I did check with my mom and hers wasn’t terrible so fingers crossed mine won’t be either. I’m going to look into some supplements to have on hand in case I need them! We’re doing a lumpectomy with the oophorectomy on Tuesday to get BC gone then a double mastectomy in a few months. I needed time to enjoy the holidays and wrap my head around it all so dr suggested doing it this way. So glad she did, I was dreading trying to recover from during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • georganne
    georganne Member Posts: 56
    edited January 2022

    I too am BRCA 2 positive and had an oophorectomy at age 44 and a double mastectomies with reconstruction at age 46. I could not take HRT. You most likely will NOT be able to have HRT either. I did experience early menopause and am now 60 with some hot flashes still though not as bad as they used to be. Currently, I find some relief with Amberen Menopause an over the counter remedy . Blessings on you. I hope you find that your journey is easier as you heal. We can be happy to put this behind us!!!!