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Here we go again

Gailgirl Member Posts: 5
edited November 2021 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Had a scare last year around this same time. I'm extremely worried. Diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound scheduled


CLINICAL HISTORY: 41 years female presents for routine bilateral screening mammogram. No personal history of breast cancer.

COMPARISON: 06/20/2011 left mammogram and priors of the left side.

TECHNIQUE: Tomosynthesis/3-D CC and MLO views were obtained.

These mammograms were interpreted with the aid of CAD.

Utilizing the Tyrer-Cuzick (IBIS 8) model and the patient provided risk factors, this patient's lifetime breast cancer risk is calculated at 7.21 %. This is compared to an average lifetime breast cancer risk of 12.8 % for similar age-matched patients.


The breasts parenchyma is composed of scattered fibroglandular elements , not significantly changed from the prior examination on the left. No prior right mammograms are available for comparison

Right breast: 15 mm slightly lobulated mass is noted in the central right breast slightly medially. Small asymmetry of the anterior to this mass on the MLO projection.

Left breast: Postsurgical changes in the left anterior breast appears stable No new dominant masses, developing asymmetries, areas of architectural distortion or suspicious clusters of microcalcifications are identified.

IMPRESSION: BI-RADS category 0 - incomplete. Need additional imaging evaluation.

Mass and asymmetry in the right breast


1. Additional views RIGHT breast with possible ultrasound if indicated based on additional views.

2. Annual screening mammogram LEFT breast in the absence of new clinical symptoms.