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Starting Chemo December 2021



  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 211

    sun-shine. - I thought prunes were just good for keeping ourselves running well.

  • jspringer4
    jspringer4 Member Posts: 12

    Had a huge wake-up call last week as to just how damaged my immune system is. I had a small pinhead hole open in my left mastectomy scar and a few hours later,before I could even see my plastic surgeon to get it repaired, I spiked a fever and my whole breast turned bright red and there was goop coming out of the hole.

    Spent Tuesday through Friday in the hospital receiving IV antibiotics and having the left expander removed. I’m feeling much better now and hopefully recovery will be quick. I am so ready for all of this to be over so I can try to reclaim some semblance of normalcy.

    5 more doses of taxol to go!

  • sun-shine
    sun-shine Member Posts: 30

    Hello everybody,

    Happy Easter!

    Hope everyone is doing great and recovering well!

    I have recovered well after completing the last chemo 9 weeks ago. I will go back to work soon. Currently I am taking Tamoxifen pills plus calcium and D3 supplements. So far the only side effect that I have is that Tamoxifen makes me have some vagina white discharge, which I haven't had for a few years, and causes some irritation/itch feeling. It is not so serous and I don't feel the irritation all the time. When it happens, it's a bit bothersome. I hope this side effect will go away later.

    All the best,

  • Blinx
    Blinx Member Posts: 82

    Hope everyone is doing well. I started AC at the end of December and promptly lost my hair 2 weeks later. After the 4 AC I had 12 Taxol that finished in mid May. Now 6 weeks later I have solid fuzz all over my head. Finally -- regrowth! I was paying so much attention to the top of my head I forgot to look at my face. Had to get tweezers out to get rid of hair that shouldn't be there! Nose hair is regrowing too -- hope the drips will stop soon. Still don't have to shave my legs but I'm not complaining. Nails are starting to grow again too.

    Just had my bilateral mastectomy last week and tomorrow I continue with maintenance chemo (is that what its called?). Kanjiti and Perjeta every 3 weeks. This might change based on the pathology from the surgery but that's not back yet. Only side effect I have is I get so tired from the IV Benadryl, even after they cut the dose in half. I should finally be done (fingers crossed) in Feb 2023. What a long haul!