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Lymphocytic mastitis?

winterlilies Member Posts: 1
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I would just like to share my journey so far, but I'm open to any support or additional information. This is only the start as I recently met with a surgeon who would like to conduct a few additional tests. My mother did have a breast cancer diagnosis in her late 30s, had a mastectomy and was cancer free until her passing. I tested negative for BRCA and any mutations.

I discovered a breast lump around April/May of this year and I was unable to see a new doctor until October. It's wasn't painful (just uncomfortable) and there's no reddening on the area nor discharge/nipple inversion. From my doctor, I had both a sonogram and mammogram and result being BI-RADS 4 with a referral for a core-needle biopsy. After a week, my doctor called and informed me that it was lymphocytic mastitis, benign and it was recommended to have it removed. When I asked the cause, she explained it is primarily found in individuals with an autoimmune disorder. The report also mentions diabetes, but as far as I know, I don't have either. I do have PCOS (uncontrolled at this time) and I was pre-diabetic back in 2019, but my A1C levels are within normal range.

However, after meeting with a surgeon, due to my mother's history of cancer, a swollen lymph node on the same side as the lump and the palpable mass, I have an MRI scheduled and it was mentioned offhandedly possibly a second biopsy. There was some discrepancy between my first and second sonogram with the biopsy --discordant(?) imaging-- that was a concern.

**Thank you mods!

I'm not sure if I should have a second biopsy, but I'd rather take precautions. My concern was a swollen lymph node and I received my flu shot during the last week of September.