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Help preserving memories of a mommy (recommendations?)

MLScott Member Posts: 3
edited December 2021 in Recommend Your Resources

My sister in law lost her battle with breast cancer almost two years ago. We a sitting on 1000s of photos and videos that we took specifically to document her life with her daughter, who is now 6. I'm at a complete loss as to where to start with sorting them out and turning them into media that can be more present in our day to day lives (books, short movies we can play for my niece, etc.). I don't know I can do it myself.

Does anyone have a recommendation for services or people who are adept at this sort of thing? There are plenty of services that are focused on helping someone with illness tell their story, etc. but I'm not sure they're the best option given that we're on the other side of this. I'd also prefer to entrust this to someone that comes as a recommendation.