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Reprieve! 15 years and staying on Arimidex

sugarplum Member Posts: 72
edited January 2022 in Stage III Breast Cancer

I was dreading this week's onc appointment because he had warned me he wasn't going to renew my prescription...but he has now unexpectedly reversed course. Maybe it was my mournful face! Anyway, he told me I'm OK to continue since I've been made aware of the risks and accept that the benefit is unknown at this point. I told him that's got to be one of the best Christmas presents I'll get this year :)

Hugs to all - Julie


  • reflect
    reflect Member Posts: 280
    edited December 2021

    My MO told me right off the bat I'll be on it forever. I'm glad too. So happy your MO agreed with you.

  • lauri
    lauri Member Posts: 59
    edited December 2021

    congrats on getting it your way ! I came off anastrazole after 10+ years -- and reminded my MO of that when I had my first appointment with her as a Stage IV patient this month. There's "no clinical evidence" that extra years are effective -- but if they don't let willing patients try it, how will they ever *get* evidence ?

  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 956
    edited December 2021

    My ten-year letrozole anniversary is next summer. My onc has said, "let's make that decision when we get there." I would love to be off the stuff, but right now, I wouldn't want to risk it.

  • kotchaj
    kotchaj Member Posts: 212
    edited January 2022

    I was told at my last appointment that I would be on it for life. I'm okay with that.