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Expanders and expansions

loverofjesus Member Posts: 174
edited December 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

Hello everyone! Had BMX with expanders 8 weeks ago. 3 weeks in had to have Debridement surgery. Now I’m healing well. I was supposed to get my first fill today. But, because I had a pin dot size scab the PS said no he wasn’t doing it till the scab fell off. Sooo another two ish weeks we wait. I understand the cautiousness of it all. But wow to wait an hour in the dr office and then another 20 minutes for him to come in the room for him to be there 10 seconds and say no, Is slightly frustrating. Not to mention. The 45 minute drive there and back. Whew! Pray for me that I. Two weeks I’ll get my first fill.