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Radiation after DMX

loverofjesus Member Posts: 174

Happy new year everyone!! I have a question and I know everyone is different. But, how many of you after neoadjuvant chemo, and a double mastectomy with clean margins and no lymph nodes have had to have radiation too?

I would like to see studies on percentages etc. but I really can find anything. Yes my original tumor was large but after surgery I had no lymph nodes and all my margins were clear. And I had already had chemo.

Can someone give me ideas to ponder. Or studies that show actual stats?


  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857
    edited January 2022

    I'm not clear on your question. Has your oncologist recommended radiation? Are you trying to decide for yourself whether you should request it?

  • loverofjesus
    loverofjesus Member Posts: 174
    edited January 2022

    I’m so sorry! Ok my oncologist seems to think that it might not be beneficial, but wants to hear what the radiologist has to say before making a final decision. the radiologist that is a oncologist too might say i need it as she said before i had chemo or surgery that i would need it. I see the radiologist today. I am just trying to weigh in on all the aspects of it. And I want to know how beneficial it is to do it based on pathology after surgery.

    Trying to decide best questions for radiologist. Although I will make the final decision with my oncologist.

  • muska
    muska Member Posts: 224
    edited January 2022

    Well, I think if your radiologist recommends radiation the main question you should ask, is why. Nobody here knows the details of your case in order to advise. I suspect the matter is further complicated because you had chemo first, so post-chemo lymph nodes status - only three were checked - may not necessarily be a reliable indication of the spread. But I am not a medical doctor.

    Why were you classified as stage IIIB?

    Good luck with your appointments